Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Activity One:Image result for pounamu

What did you see? people talking to each other people talking to each other
What did you hear?__ people doing singing
How did you feel? welcomed
What did you expect? the marie to be small
What surprised you? the carvings
What took you out of your comfort zone? doing the hangi

What did you learn? each of the carving was a story.  I think that the whole visit was really good but it is bad the we did not be able to go down to the river.

List the order of events as best as you can about the pōwhiri and what you saw people doing.
  1. We stood at the gate
  2. We walked on to the marae
  3. The women where calling to each other
  4. We took our shoes

Activity Two:
Below are some photos of Tuhuru.  Listen to the tangata whenua talk about features that are significant to them.  Label the relevant pictures with information you have learnt.

Image result for tuhuru marae

On the left is the god war. And on the right is the god of peace

Image result for tuhuru marae

Each and every carvings mean a story

Related image

Every marae has protocols and rules that you must follow while you are there.  Listen to the tangata whenua and write down the rules that you are to follow while you are at Tuhuru.  Present it as a poster on this page:
(Me pēhea)

Take of shoes
Walk in side
Sit on floor
Have mouth zipped at gates
Take shoes of at marie
Look all around the marie


Sit on table
Talk when people are singing
Elbows on table
No stepping over people
Scream in side
Sit on pillows

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