Monday, September 18, 2017

How Maui slowed the sun

One evening, Maui and brothers were making a hangi for their evening meal. They had just finished heating the stones when the sun went down and it quickly became too dark to see. Maui was annoyed with having to eat his food in the dark. He stood in the light of the fire and address his people.

Every day we have to rush to do our chores and gather our food before the sun sets. Why should we be slaves to the sun? I will catch the sun before it rises, and teach it to travel slowly across the sky!!!

But one of his brothers was quick to criticise, not believing Māui could possibly do such a thing. It would be impossible to catch the sun, he’s much bigger than any bird you’ve ever caught!!!

The heat and flames would surely burn you to death,’’ said other. I think he’s got sunstroke, and they all laughed. I have achieved many things that were impossible gaining fire from  Mahuika catching the greatest fish in the world, diving to the underwater,and much more.

With this magic jawbone gifted by murirangawhenewa, and with your help I will succeed in conquering the sun. Maui slowed down the sun by ropes of flax when the sun came up they throw the rope of flax over him and pulled the sun down so that the sun will go slower around the world.


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