Friday, August 4, 2017

water cycle by caleb

Water cycle by Caleb

Water is recycled in the water cycle from the sea,lakes and streams . The water that we have now is mostly polluted. That means that we need to take out all the rubbish so that we can drink all the water in the world.

Evaporation is the first step in the water cycle. Evaporation is when the water goes up into the sky in water vapour to the clouds and gets recycled.

The second step in the water cycle is condensation. This is when the water forms a cloud because the wind is colder.

Precipitation is when the water goes back down to the sea and it is rain,hail, snow and ice. The water can fill the oceans, seas and lakes. It falls down because of the gravity.

Collection is when the water goes into the soil in the ground, it also gets collected in rivers,oceans, lakes and streams. People can also collect their own water by using a tank. This means their tank will get filled with fresh water.

The water cycle happens in all seasons. It is important because if we didn’t have enough water we would not be able to survive.Water is amazing because it has been around since earth was made.

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