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couscous camp


big bad wolf

guilty or not



    Should kids have pets?
I think that pets are good and keep you fit they play fetch.
Pets are fun because you get to play with them and do tag with them.
When you are really bored they can keep you occupied by playing and doing running races.

Finally pets are really good at keeping you fit because.
As you can see pets are a good idea.


13 june

the robot

Runaway Robot Rampage

Hemi had to do his jobs. One of them was mowing the lawns. Hemi tried to make a robot so he didn't have to do the lawn.

When the robot was mowing the lawn, Hemi fell asleep. The robot finished the lawn. Then it went down two streets. Finally  Hemi woke up. A big crowd was screaming.

Hemi went to the loudly screaming crowd and saw his robot doing everyone’s lawns for them. Some were happy the robot was doing the lawn and some were sad because the grass was not long at all.

Then the crowd said “Can I have one” because they looked on the bright side and now they don’t have to do the lawn no more.                     By caleb THE END

chesse head the lost


Once upon a time on a sunny Monday Cheese Head the pig was playing in the hay.

The Farmer was opening the gate for Cheese Head so that the pig can play in the shed.

Cheese Head the pig climbed up the hay bales and got lost. The Farmer went looking for CHeese Head in the hay. The pig did two oink oinks. The farmer saw Cheese Head poking his little head out.

Then Cheese Head the pig slipped and fell off the big hay bales. The farmer missed catching the pig and it snapped its back. The Farmer left Cheese Head in the shed and went to get the vet.

The vets came zooming down the road with the lights on, using sirens making a big loud noise going vroom vroom.

When the vets got there, they hopped out of the car as fast as they could. Next the vets got to Cheese Head. The vets both tried to fix the pig but they could not help him sadly. Finally they put Cheese Head down with a sleep gun and the farmer was crying for one week.


punaciki pancake rocks!!

Punakaiki pancake rocks

The pancake rocks are called this because they look like a stack of pancakes.  It takes 30 million years to make a pancake on the west coast.
Tiny fragments of dead sea creatures and plants settled on the seabed. Water pressure caused them to solidify into layers of limestone and softer, thin, mud layers. Over the years earthquakes have lifted the limestone above the seabed where water, wind and salt spray have eroded the softer layers leaving pancakes.
At high tide the water rushes into the surge pools, erupting out the blowholes with a woosh and a big spray of salty water.
Look out for Hector's Dolphins playing near the shore and Sea lions sunbathing on the rocks.

Karst Cave

The Punakaiki Cavern is a Karst cave, formed with a combination of water and carbon dioxide, carving out the cave from the Oligocene limestone. The Punakaiki cave also features glow worms and stalactites.

ko wai au!!

Ko Wai Au

I live in water, which can be both salt and fresh water. I have eight tentacles so that I can do a lot of stuff.
I have one eye, but I am very good at watching my prey. If there is no water around me, I will fit through any hole to get to it.

I have suction cups so that I can stick on stuff.I am really intelligent and fast so that I can get away from other fish.I am camouflage to hide in the seaweed.

ko wai au?

I am an incurring octopus here are some facts-
There are around 300 species of octopus, usually located in tropical and temperate ocean waters.


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water cycle

water cycle by caleb

Water cycle by Caleb

Water is recycled in the water cycle from the sea,lakes and streams . The water that we have now is mostly polluted. That means that we need to take out all the rubbish so that we can drink all the water in the world.

Evaporation is the first step in the water cycle. Evaporation is when the water goes up into the sky in water vapour to the clouds and gets recycled.

The second step in the water cycle is condensation. This is when the water forms a cloud because the wind is colder.

Precipitation is when the water goes back down to the sea and it is rain,hail, snow and ice. The water can fill the oceans, seas and lakes. It falls down because of the gravity.

Collection is when the water goes into the soil in the ground, it also gets collected in rivers,oceans, lakes and streams. People can also collect their own water by using a tank. This means their tank will get filled with fresh water.

The water cycle happens in all seasons. It is important because if we didn’t have enough water we would not be able to survive.Water is amazing because it has been around since earth was made.